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About us

Four Winds Sacraments is an extension of Temple of the Four Winds designed to allow the individual to connect intentionally with Teonanácatl, or the sacred ‘God Mushroom‘, outside of a group ceremony setting. We believe that by creating this intentional connection with small amounts at a time, the individual learns to self-assess their traumas and barriers, and can soon after become more open and welcoming to the dose necessary to reopen their own connection to universal consciousness.


Temple of the Four Winds and Four Winds Sacraments are based in California, and organized by Turtle Island Natives who strive to create space for ancestral reconnection and consistent self-evolution. Proceeds earned from our sacrament offerings allow us to continue funding donation-based Sacred Entheogen Ceremonies.


Four Winds Sacraments was first established in 2019 with a mission to reclaim our power over day-to-day life experiences. How do we do this? By sharing our evolution and how we achieve it. Every ingredient used in our sacraments has research-backed benefits and is selected and combined with love and intention. We believe in respectfully sharing the benefits of natural plant ingredients for the greater good.


The initial idea behind creating these personal sacraments was to help those who suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and/or PTSD. By finding ways to stimulate alternate neurological pathways, we believe we can once again fire up those dormant pathways in our brains that have been put to sleep as a result of our routine lifestyles. This in turn can help reduce brain fog and expand the problem-solving portion of our brain, which can help us process our emotions in more ways than one.

Over a period of time, these reactivated neurological pathways can help increase cognitive function in relation to focus, attention span, creativity and even physical stamina. Independent control studies have continued to show promising results in the improvement of mental, physical and spiritual health with regular microdosing.