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This dose of psilocybin cubensis allows for a deeper connection to the true nature of this sacred sacrament. Feeling of euphoric spiritual sensation and enlightenment is most common. One can also expect an increase in self-awareness, particularly of suppressed emotions and repetitive thought patterns. This dose allows for diving deep into parts of personal consciousness that are not easily accessible. For understanding and connection to the parts of ourselves that may be suppressed.

Recommended use is once daily up to 3 days, with 1-3 days of rest in between doses, adjusting to personal tolerance and effect as necessary. It is best recommended for beginners to start low and slow until the mind, body, and spirit create a connection to the sacrament which will better suit the individual need. For tailored connection to the sacred mushroom, or Teonanacatl, take into account personal height, weight, diet and exercise habits and consumption of caffeine, medications and other mind altering substance use, as they may affect each experience differently.

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